Home Repair & Remodel Cost Guide

When you want to remodel your home, it can be an exciting time. But you also have to consider the costs you’ll have. Fortunately, Atlanta home renovation costs can be really variable, which means people with all different types of budgets can find options that suit their needs.

This home remodel cost guide can help, by giving you idea of how much you might pay to have some remodeling work done on your home. Whether you’re looking for siding replacement or a custom bathroom, here’s what to know about costs.

What Projects are You Interested In?

The project, and the finishes you choose, affects the price. For example, sunrooms are a great addition to your home. But as with any addition, they can be costly. Building an entirely new part of the structure onto your home isn’t the same as making some changes to an existing space. Depending on the size of the space you want, the cost to add a sunroom could be a few thousand, or well into the tens of thousands to get the look you’re going for.

The cost to build a covered porch, by comparison, will be far less. It’s not an enclosed space like a sunroom, and doesn’t require as much labor or as many materials. It’s also generally not as large, so that also factors into the equation. If you want to bring the cost down even further for the same size space, consider custom decks.

These aren’t covered or enclosed, so their labor and material costs are much lower than a more detailed, enclosed, fully-constructed space. Still, how much does a custom deck cost? A small deck can be only a few thousand dollars, but you can always do something much more elaborate if you have a larger budget.

Are You Remodeling, or Just Upgrading?

There’s a big difference between remodeling your home and just upgrading a few things. The cost for new roof and gutters, for example, should be considered upgrading. You’re not really changing anything about the structure or design of your home at that point. You’re just replacing something that’s getting worn out and needs to be redone. The same can be true with siding replacement, although changing the color and upgrading your siding can definitely make your place look very different.

When you consider the cost of new siding versus the cost of paint exterior home remodels and upgrades can come in a variety of budgets. Paint is going to cost far less than new siding, but you’ll need to consider what kind of shape your current siding is in, as well. A lot of the time, people who are redoing their siding decide on custom windows, too. If your windows are custom sizes or you want specific types, and if you have a lot of windows, you might incur additional costs.

Aside from remodeling a kitchen, custom basements and custom bathrooms can be among the most expensive changes to your home. But you could spend more or less, depending on the space and the finishes you choose. Atlanta home renovation costs are flexible, and many are budget-friendly.

So, What’s the Bottom Line?

Overall, the cost to remodel your home depends on what you want done and the materials you want to be used in the project. If you don’t want to remodel your entire home, or some parts of it just don’t need upgrading, you may find that you aren’t spending as much as you expected to.

But keep in mind, that this home remodel cost guide is a little vague for a reason. Each project is unique, and they can have very different prices and considerations. Sometimes things are easier than expected, and sometimes a remodel uncovers problems you weren’t aware of. It’s best to budget carefully, but also plan for additional costs to make sure you can see your project to completion.

There Are Financing Options

Here, at Perimeter Remodeling, we are flexible to work within your budget. There are even some great financing options offered that way you don’t ever have to compromise on your dream project. 

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