Home Exterior Remodeling & Facelifts in Atlanta

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What is an Exterior Facelift?

When people think of home renovations, their minds often jump to the interior. Bring up “home remodeling” and see how quickly the conversation turns to topics like making the most of a small guest bath, setting up a home office, or finally finishing up that unused basement space. If the subject of exterior work comes up at all, it’s unlikely to extend beyond landscaping or perhaps basic structural hardscaping (e.g., porches, decks, or driveways). When it does, exterior renovations usually only include maintenance tasks or as-needed repairs, such as replacing gutters, roofing, or perhaps repainting your siding.

Despite how rarely complete exterior remodeling may rise to the forefront of one’s plans for a renovation project, one of the single most effective ways to improve potential resale value and generally refresh your home is to preempt those piecemeal changes by considering a whole home exterior facelift. A home exterior facelift can include any and all of those external renovations, as well as items such as new shutters and trim to new windows. In addition, depending on your home’s age and neighborhood, popular exterior house facelift ideas can even include the complete modernization of your historic house.

Why Consider a Home Exterior Facelift?

So, why consider a home exterior facelift in the first place? And what makes it different (or, for that matter, any better) than the piecemeal, as-needed updates? First, read on for some exterior house facelift ideas, tips, and answers to other frequently asked questions. Then, even if resale value isn’t a current concern for your home, consider some of the other immediate and practical benefits a home exterior facelift can provide:


  • Increased long-term value: Just because you may not be on the market in the near future doesn’t mean you won’t ever consider the resale value. Moreover, you can increase your immediate and long-term savings on utility costs with more efficient energy-saving choices like new windows or roofing.
  • Increased functionality: Just as you might consider many interior renovations to be of significant value in terms of the ways they improve the functionality of your home, so, too, can home exterior facelift changes improve the function of outside elements. From better use of a small yard to full facade changes improving your interior’s natural lighting, a home exterior facelift can significantly boost how your home functions.

Why Perimeter Remodeling?

Suppose you’re wondering why you should choose Perimeter Remodeling instead of another agency or independent contractor. In that case, we encourage you to check out some of the ideas on our blog for examples of the many home projects in which our renovation experts have made home remodeling magic happen — no matter the home or the homeowner’s goals. Then, once you’ve got an idea of just a few of the things we can do for you, call us for a conversation about your home, or schedule a time for us to come out and offer some advice — totally free advice from folks who want your home to be the best it can be.

Want to learn more?

Fortunately, questions you may have now and even those you haven’t thought of yet can all be answered confidently and thoroughly by experienced home contractors, especially those with expertise in your neck of the woods. For those in the Atlanta metro area, we recommend reaching out to the seasoned folks at Perimeter Remodeling for a free consultation today about what exterior house facelift ideas can bring to your home.