How to Build Your Dream Home Office

Home offices provide workspaces where you live. They’re ideal for professionals who want to work from home, but need some separation from family or other distractions. Here are some ideas for building a home office if you’re considering creating such a workspace.

Why Have a Home Office?

Some professionals enjoyed the convenience of a home office before the Covid-19 pandemic, and they’re even more common given the sudden increase in remote/flexible work options.

A home office provides the convenience of working where you live, yet it gives some separation between home and work life. Interruptions from family members, deliveries, and phone calls are reduced, yet all of those are only a few steps away when you need to attend to a personal matter (or just want a sandwich for lunch).

If you’re wondering how to make a home office, there are many solutions. One of these ways of building a home office will likely work with your house or another personal residence.

Build an Additional Room

The simplest way to build a home office is to add on a room that’s expressly designed for this purpose. A room that is designed to be a home office from the outset will have the particular layout you want, so you won’t have to retrofit anything or take out already-installed features. Additionally, a home office is a fairly basic room to add on — it’s certainly simpler than a custom bathroom or kitchen.

Of course, building an additional room requires yard space and must be in accordance with local zoning laws. If these are in place, this is one of the best ways to make a home office.


Utilize Outdoor Spaces

If you want a little physical space between your home and office, a backyard gazebo or shed, or your sunroom or covered porch can make a great office. You won’t be right next to the kitchen, and kids who are practicing instruments won’t pierce your space as much.

Some of these structures are specifically designed to be a home office, while others can be adjusted to an office structure — just make sure to use a structure that has at least one window if you want a good office environment.

Utilize an outdoor work space as your office

Turn Your Basement Into a Home Office

If your home has a relatively dry basement, part of it can be finished as a home office. This won’t only give you space to work, but the office/den can add value when you go to sell the place. It might even increase your home’s square footage in the listing.

An addition will also add value and square footage, but it’s often easier to finish out part of a basement instead.

Use an Empty Room

Is there an empty room that you don’t really use right now? It could be a kids’ old room, an extra living room, or just an odd space. An empty room can be turned into an office with just some modifications and a little furniture.

Consider Your Home Office Options

To explore building a home office in more detail, contact the experts at Perimeter Remodeling. We’ve worked with many Atlanta residents who’ve installed home offices, and we’ll help you evaluate your potential options.