Basement Remodeling Ideas on a Budget

Ready to transform an unfinished or lackluster basement into a beautiful, completed space without breaking the bank? We can help! Keep reading to see some of our favorite basement remodeling ideas on a budget below, and check out our blog for more tips and tricks for your next home renovation project.

Add a Family or Game Room

Converting your basement into a family or rec room space can be quick and inexpensive, not to mention practical – whether you need a dedicated play area for your kids or simply a space to entertain, your basement can offer the perfect solution. Unused basement space can provide the perfect refuge for your family to unwind while keeping your living room visitor-ready (and, in the case of needing a play area, keeping your bare feet free from the pains of unseen Legos!).

Give Yourself a Home Office

Depending on your basement layout and relative humidity, converting all or part of that space into a dedicated home office can offer a much-needed refuge for days when you’re working from home – or simply need space for a private phone call! Additionally, since home offices are such straightforward and relatively simple spaces, they’re often very low-cost additions that add a lot of value to your home.

Finish or Refresh Floors

Finding your unpainted cement floors especially uninspiring lately? Fear not! These days, it’s easier than ever to refresh your floors, whether through paint, carpeting, or laminated vinyl. Many of these are also incredibly simple to install yourself. Paint can be a super-affordable option that requires little prep or installation time, and can be a great option if you’re hoping for a quick refresh or to spend time and money on other upgrades, like carving out a dedicated laundry room. Adding carpet can be a great option for guest bedrooms or family rooms, or just to warm up chilly, uninviting spaces.

Include a Dedicated Laundry Room

If your basement is already equipped to support a floor drain and outside vent, consider adding a dedicated laundry room to the space. Cheaper and faster to install than a full bathroom, the relatively minimal plumbing needs of a laundry room can nonetheless go a long way towards streamlining your main living space, as well as giving you a proper area to sort laundry.

Add Storage

If your closets are full to bursting with seasonal decorations, old clothing, and recreational paraphernalia, your unfinished basement may be a perfect solution to current storage woes. Shelves can be quick and inexpensive additions to your basement. Depending on the layout, you might even consider adding partition walls to offer custom closets – since these walls aren’t load-bearing, they’re often simple to add and cost-effective additions to your basement space.

Take Advantage of Open Floor Plans

Is your basement basically a giant, open room? Lucky you! Take advantage of the blank slate space and lean into trendy open floor plans for a multipurpose basement renovation that can handle whatever you need. Having a hard time visualizing what to do with all that space? Give Perimeter Remodeling a call for a free consultation, and let our experts help your basement become your new favorite space.