5 Easy Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Your primary bathroom is one of the most-used and hardest working rooms in your home. So why not think about a (probably long-overdue!) refresh of this essential space? Read on for some insight from the experts on 5 easy bathroom remodel ideas that can improve the form and function of your primary bathroom.

Fan Timer Switches

Although it may seem like a small and therefore insignificant change, installing a timed switch on your bathroom fan can offer a huge improvement in terms of energy efficiency, cost savings, and even effort saved in terms of noise and needing to remember to turn it off. Additionally, many timer switches also offer fantastic options in terms of built-in lights and light-dimming potential.

Heated Floors (and Toilets)

There’s nothing more jarring than stepping out of a hot shower or from your warm bed onto ice-cold tiles with bare feet. Especially if you’re already considering refreshing your bathroom floors, consider what options exist for adding heating components to those new tiles.

While you’re at it, think about the little luxuries that can add a spa-like quality to your bathroom — whether heated flooring is a good fit or not, things like a heated towel rack or even a heated toilet seat (or heated toilet seat combined with a bidet) can dramatically improve your bathroom.

Shower Benches

Another option for a more spa-like sanctuary in your bathroom is including a bench in your shower. In addition to offering more space for storing shampoo bottles or support for shaving your legs, shower benches offer the long-term benefit of universal design and accessibility. Especially if this is your forever home, a shower bench can offer a surprising amount of accessibility if mobility ever becomes an issue (if you’ve ever sprained an ankle, you know how necessary shower seating can become!).

Built-in Storage or Floating Shelves

Whose bathroom couldn’t use additional storage? Towel racks and standalone shelves can quickly cause even the most palatial primary bath to seem cramped. If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated with lack of necessary storage (or space for storage solutions!) In your primary bath, built-in options, like recessed shelves or cabinets, can be a life-saver. For those with more petite powder rooms, floating shelves, such as above the bath or toilet, can offer a surprising amount of space without taking up room you don’t have.

Extra Outlets – In Surprising Spaces!

While you’re at it, consider ways to spruce up your vanity, whether you’re installing a new one or simply refreshing the one you have. In addition to hardware replacements or new countertops, consider having outlets installed in your vanity drawers — after all, who couldn’t use more outlets in their bathroom?

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