The Bathroom Renovation Process 

Seasoned DIYers are no strangers to surprises when tackling home renovation projects, but even the most confident homeowner is often (rightfully!) hesitant to take on a bathroom renovation.

And it’s no wonder – next to kitchens, bathrooms are probably the home renovation projects most likely to have homeowners calling in professional assistance. That doesn’t stop them from being a popular renovation choice, though: for those looking to sell, a bathroom renovation is one of the best ways to immediately and significantly boost your home’s resale value by as much as 87.7%, according to one Zillow report.

Function Over Form

Before you think about what you want your bathroom to look like, think about what you need it to do. Bathrooms are the unsung heroes of our houses – indeed, your bathroom is perhaps the one room in your home you absolutely couldn’t do without!

Ask yourself: If I had an “ideal bathroom” based on my everyday uses, what would that layout look like? After all, you can always easily change the color scheme. Changing the layout entirely, however, is a much bigger ask – and certainly more important than the aesthetics alone!

You Need a (More Detailed) Budget!

Especially if you’re considering the DIY route, having an extremely detailed budget is critical for realizing your bathroom renovation dreams. Sure, professional contractors may seem more costly, but the hidden costs of bathroom renovations – even if everything goes perfectly to plan – can add up fast, leaving you spending more than you’d ever intended.

Map out every aspect, and include even the seemingly smallest details when projecting the total renovation cost. Materials are a given, but consider price-checking all of the components and tools you’ll need, too. Most homeowners don’t have all the necessary tools for a full bathroom remodeling job on hand, so factor in the costs of renting tools as needed, and the logistics of how you’ll stage the area before and during renovation.

…Don’t Forget to Budget in Time

While you’re budgeting, don’t forget that your time is valuable, too! Even if the cost of materials and subtracted costs of professional labor make the DIY route the more attractive option, think long and hard about how much time you might sink into this project (pun intended).

Your bathroom is probably the most used space in your home – how long can you reasonably afford to keep it out of commission? (Obviously, if you only have one bathroom, DIY isn’t even a question: get to a professional, stat!)

Consider the following:

  • When will you be working on this project? Will it be an after-work activity or a full-time undertaking?
  • How confident are you that you can quickly and efficiently deal with unforeseen issues that may arise with more complicated components like plumbing and wiring?
  • Will you have support from friends and family (or will they interfere with your process)?

Whether you DIY or go with the experts, there are a number of key considerations to keep in mind in the planning and execution of a bathroom renovation project.  While this isn’t a fully comprehensive guide, we hope our considerations give you some good starting points for your new bathroom.

For a more detailed look at what your bathroom renovation process will entail, we recommend reaching out for a free, professional custom bathroom consultation — after all, there’s no substitute for expert advice!