5 Functional Sunroom Ideas

Sunrooms provide an outdoors-like space to garden, read, eat, relax, or otherwise enjoy life. The key to a successful sunroom is all in the design, however. Whether you already have one of these rooms or intend to build one, these five functional sunroom ideas will help you make the most of your outdoors-like space.

Why Have a Sunroom?

Before considering what features to enhance your custom sunroom with, you must first consider how you’ll use the sunroom. Sunrooms provide beautiful and relaxing spots, and they can be enjoyed both during good and not-so-good weather. So, how do you expect to use the room? Will it be a year-round room, used even in winter when you need some rays but don’t want the cold temperatures? Will you use the room only during warmer seasons? Many rooms serve dual functions for gardening, entertaining, and simply relaxing. Depending on your expected use, you may want to add one or more of these five sunroom ideas.

1. Blinds to Reduce Glare

Blinds are a common addition to sunroom windows, especially ones that are in hot climates like Atlanta. The temperature of these rooms can become quite warm on summer afternoons, especially since many sunrooms are on the south/west side of a house. Blinds will help keep temperatures comfortable during the hottest parts of the hottest days. If the sunrise or sunset is visible from your sunroom — and it almost certainly is — blinds can also help reduce glare. This can be especially important if you like to eat in the room and someone is always facing the sun’s direction.

2. Fireplace for Ambiance

Whoever said sunrooms should only be used when the sun is up? Extend the hours that you use yours by installing a fireplace. Fireplaces are relatively easy to put in, and they’ll greatly enhance the ambiance of the space. You’ll also have a warmer space to use when the weather starts to cool.

3. Screens to Open Windows

Screens turn your outdoors-like space into an outdoor space, and you can switch the space depending on the weather. Open windows to increase airflow, keep the room cooler and generally enjoy the outdoors more. Keep those windows closed when there’s rain, too much heat or anything else that’s unpleasant outside. To explore screen room and covered porch options, contact our team today!

4. Fan for Air Circulation

One or more ceiling fans can increase air circulation throughout your sunroom, particularly when screened-in windows aren’t open (or if there’s no breeze). Increased air circulation will help keep your sunroom cooler on hot days, and it’s also useful if you have a lot of plants — the added airflow can help maintain a more even moisture level throughout the space.

5. Radiant Floor Heating

A little-used sunroom design idea, radiant floor heating extends your sunroom into a truly four-season space. Heat from the floor will keep you warm even on cold winter evenings, and even your feet won’t be chilled. A radiant floor heating system pairs especially well with a fireplace for chilly winter months.

Add a Sunroom to Your Home

To explore sunroom options in Atlanta, contact us a Perimeter Remodeling. We know the best sunroom design ideas for the area, because we’re in the area. Reach out to us, and we’d be happy to discuss your sunroom ideas.
Family enjoying a custom screen room or sunroom