Summer is coming and with it comes heat and humidity that can make spending time outdoors a chore.

The good news is that there are several ways you can outfit your deck to keep it cooler during the summer months. Keep reading to find the best strategies for your outdoor space.

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Setting Up Shade

Shade structures, such as pergolas, awnings, or even mature trees, can be key to fighting deck overheating, as they can markedly reduce deck temperatures by blocking direct sunlight. 

These structures not only provide a cooler space but also create an inviting and cozy environment where you feel like you belong.

Pergolas, with their open and airy design, let you bask in soft, filtered sunlight while also providing ample shade. 

Awnings, on the other hand, are versatile, offering both full shade and partial sunlight. Mature trees, if you’re lucky enough to have them, provide the most natural and efficient shade.

Patio umbrellas and trellises are also great options. Patio umbrellas offer instant shade and can be moved to fit your needs. 

Trellises, adorned with climbing plants, not only offer shade but also add greenery, making your deck more appealing.

Here’s a quick comparison to help you choose the right shade structure:

table for finding the best shade for your deck

Choose the right shade structure for your deck and enjoy a cooler summer outdoors.

Outdoor Rugs to the Rescue

If you’re looking to add comfort and style to your deck while keeping it cool, outdoor rugs can be a game-changer. Not only do they offer a soft retreat for your bare feet from hot decks, but they also add a touch of elegance to your outdoor space. 

Outdoor rugs are more than just a pretty accessory. They provide excellent protection for your wooden or concrete deck against scratches and damage.

Plus, they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, allowing you to find the perfect fit to reflect your unique style.

One of the overlooked benefits of outdoor rugs is the insulation they provide. These rugs act as a barrier between your feet and the hot deck surface, giving you a more comfortable and cooler surface to walk on.

Contractor and House Owner Having a Discussion About Window Replacement

Using Outdoor Fans

Outdoor fans are a great option for instant cooling. These aren’t just your average household fans, they’re specially designed for outdoor use. They help circulate air, breaking up stagnant heat and ushering in a cooler breeze.

Think about adding an oscillating fan. It’s a fantastic choice as it covers a larger area, ensuring everyone on the deck can benefit from its cool air. You’re not restricted to just one spot, and you can really feel the difference it makes in deck cooling.

Another option is a high-velocity fan if you’re looking for an immediate cooling effect. They’re powerful and create a strong airflow, making those blistering hot days more bearable.

Don’t forget about ceiling fans, a convenient and energy-efficient option. You can install it under your deck’s roof or pergola, adding function without sacrificing style.

Evaporative Coolers and Water Misters

You can also use water misters (also called evaporative coolers) to cool things down even more. By releasing microdroplets of water into the air, misters can reduce the temperature on your deck by 20-30 degrees.

And the good news is that these heat-busters come in a wide variety of styles to meet your needs.

Here’s why you and your fellow outdoor enthusiasts might find evaporative coolers ideal:

    • Cooling Power: They can lower the temperature of your deck by up to 30°F. That’s a significant drop that can turn a sweltering space into a relaxing haven.
    • Eco-friendly: Evaporative coolers use the natural cooling method of water evaporation, making them an environmentally friendly option.
    • Energy Efficiency: They’re more energy-efficient than traditional air conditioners, helping you save on electricity bills.
    • Portability: Most evaporative coolers are portable, making them a perfect fit for your deck. You can move them around to wherever you need that invigorating breeze.


Using Plants for Cooling

While fans can work wonders in circulating air, don’t underestimate the cooling power of strategically placed plants

By planting trees around your deck, you’re not only adding a touch of nature’s beauty but also providing natural shade that’s important in reducing the temperature. Remember, mature trees are the best as they offer immediate shade benefits.

But trees aren’t your only cooling solutions. Consider planting fast-growing vines on trellises. They’ll not only beautify your outdoor space but also provide additional shade. 

Potted plants placed strategically around your deck also absorb and release water, helping to cool the surrounding air.

Investing in these green solutions isn’t just cost-effective; it’s also a future-proof way to make sure you’ll enjoy more comfortable summers on your deck.

As these plants grow, they’ll provide more coverage, and consequently more shade, making sure your deck remains a cool retreat even during the hottest summer days.

Ensuring your contractor offers comprehensive warranties covering both materials and labor gives you peace of mind that your investment is protected

Selecting Deck Material for Heat Resistance

Another factor to consider when seeking a cooler deck is its material. Consider the following when it’s time for a deck upgrade:

    • Composite Decking: Opt for composite decking with lower heat absorption.  Composite decking can greatly reduce the temperature of the deck surface.
    • PVC Decking: PVC materials stay cooler than traditional wood or darker composite options. They’re a great choice for a cool deck.
    • Lighter Colored Materials: Lighter colored deck materials reflect heat instead of absorbing it. This helps keep your deck temperature down.
    • Cedar or Redwood: These natural wood options have better heat resistance compared to darker wood types. That’s why they’re popular for decking.


Light-Colored Decks: A Cooler Option

If you’re looking to create a cooler deck space during summer, opting for a light-colored deck can be a game changer. 

Light-colored decks absorb less heat than their darker counterparts, meaning they stay cooler under the blazing sun. They’re not just cooler; they’re also more comfortable for your bare feet when you’re out enjoying the sunshine.

Choosing a light hue for your deck can transform your outdoor space into a more pleasant and enjoyable place during those hot summer months. 

Keeping Cool this Summer

There you have: tried and true ways to keep your deck cooler in the summer. To sum it all up, the best solutions for a hot deck include:

    • Installing shade solutions like pergolas, awnings, or patio umbrellas
    • Using outdoor rugs for insulation and cooler walking surfaces
    • Placing plants strategically to block the sun.
    • Using outdoor fans and water misters to cool things down.
    • Changing up deck colors and materials to ensure less is heat is absorbed

With the right strategies, you can effectively create a more comfortable deck space and enjoy your outdoor even more this summer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make my deck less hot?

  1. Install shade structures like umbrellas or awnings. 
  2. Use fans to generate breeze.
  3. Try a misting system.
  4. Add plants for natural shade. 
  5. Outdoor rugs and regular watering can further cool your deck.

How Do You Cool Down a Hot Porch?

To cool down a hot porch, set up shade structures like umbrellas or awnings. Add outdoor fans for a breeze. Use outdoor rugs that absorb less heat and consider spritzing your deck with water regularly.

Why does my deck get so hot?

Your deck’s likely hot because it’s absorbing sunlight. Darker colors and south-facing decks increase heat. Combat this by creating shade, using outdoor fans, watering regularly, or laying down outdoor rugs to absorb less heat.

How Do I Stop My Wood Deck From Burning My Feet?

If you’re tired of your deck scorching your feet, try placing light-colored outdoor rugs on it. They’ll absorb less heat. Also, a UV-protective sealant can reduce the burn. Use shade to keep things cooler.